Monday, 13 September 2021

Now is a great time to join MODEEN on her next missions.

The first box set (books 1-3) is still on sale but only for the next few days, and the second box set (books 4-6) will be on a SUPER SALE at .99c (down from $9.99) for one week only, starting Friday 17 September.

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Saturday, 31 July 2021

Sunday, 4 July 2021

Thank you 😎

I'm really chuffed and grateful when I see positive star ratings left by readers of my books, and it's even more humbling when they take the time to post reviews like those below.
Most readers don't realise how reviews like these give authors a shot in the arm, lets them know they're doing something right, and inspires them to get the next book written and published. As an aside, I only just found out that unlike other retail platforms, Amazon views anything under a four star rating as being negative, and lowers the book's overall rating as a result. This makes me all the more thankful for Modeen's fans, many of whom have taken the time to rate and review the books.
You guys rock! 👍
 Latest reviews posted on Amazon for the JO MODEEN BOX SET BOOKS 7-9

Friday, 21 May 2021

A modified Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane.  

This is how Modeen and her team get across the Durand Line (border) between Afghanistan and Pakistan in the Hawkei (book ten, Modeen:Salvation)

Pakistan built the 2,640km border fence on the Durand Line, to aid its fight against terrorism.  The fence separates Afghanistan from Pakistan and passes through rugged mountains, densely forested valleys and narrow rock passages. The border barrier consists of two sets of chain-link fences, separated by a 2-metre space filled with three rows of concertina wire coils. The double-fence, which is 3.6 metres high  on the Pakistani side and 4 metres high on the Afghan side, is fitted with surveillance cameras and infrared detectors. And nearly 1,000 forts are also being constructed along the border to increase security.

Saturday, 8 May 2021

Modeen Insurrection

Cover and title for the next Jo Modeen thriller. 

NatSec's Western Australian team leader has been assassinated, and National Security Manager Jack Pender has gone to ground. With NatSec in lock-down, Modeen and team race back from Afghanistan to battle the mysterious foe.

Modeen rubbed her scalp. This damn wig is itchy

That's right, readers, our platinum blonde heroine with the buzz cut is in disguise...

Saturday, 1 May 2021

 Meet the Hawkei

The Hawkei features in MODEEN: SALVATION, book ten in the series.

The Hawkei, a light protected mobility vehicle, is being introduced into the Australian Defense Force. The vehicle is named after a highly venomous snake, the Barkly Death Adder – Acanthophis Hawkei – which is found in the Barkly Tablelands on the Northern Territory-Queensland border.

Thales Australia designed, developed and are building the vehicles at their factory in Bendigo, Victoria. Trailers are also being developed to enable the vehicles to carry specialist equipment such as satellite terminals, and radar or missile modules. On delivery to the ADF, the Hawkeis will  be role-configured into mission-ready vehicles.

  • The Hawkei is a 7-tonne, 4x4, new generation protected vehicle with a 3-tonne payload, designed to meet the demanding requirements of land forces worldwide.
  • The Hawkei offers blast and ballistic protection.
  • Engine: Steyr M16 six-cylinder turbocharged diesel engine. 200 kW (268 hp) @ 4,000rpm 610 N⋅m (450 lb⋅ft) @ 2,000rpm
  •  Armament: manned weapon mount up to 12.7mm HMG or 40mm AGL, or remote weapon system up to 12.7mm HMG, or 40mm AGL or ATGM.

Thursday, 22 April 2021


 The Modeen Transformation (eBook 2 in the series) is now only $1.99c. And for those who haven't started the Modeen adventures yet, sign up for my newsletter, keep up-to-date, and find out where you can get a copy of the first ebook for free.

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Friday, 16 April 2021


Listen to my Interview with Alan Petersen or Watch the video

I had was lucky enough to get a spot on this great podcast, and be included in the long list of talented authors he has interviewed. Thanks Alan.

Wednesday, 3 March 2021

Modeen Box Set No2 Books 4 - 6

The 99c sale of the second box set  has ended. Thank you to all the readers out there who helped send the box set to number one best seller status on Amazon and Smashwords. 👍

If you haven't read the first box set of books 1-3,  it is still On Sale. And from 7th to 13th March 2021, it will be just $1.49us on Smashwords Read an eBook Week.


Thursday, 31 December 2020

Happy New Year

 All the best for 2021

A big shout out and thank you to all the readers out there. Modeen had a very good year considering the Covid mayhem. In her genre, she reached number one best seller on Amazon in the USA, UK, Canada and Australia. She also performed very well on Apple Books, Kobo, Barnes&Noble and Smashwords, and rubbed shoulders with some big names out there. I hope you had a great Christmas and wish you all the best for a happy and prosperous new year. FHJ.

Wednesday, 4 November 2020

Book ten in the Jo Modeen Series

Cover for book ten in the Jo Modeen Series.

Find out what happens to Ben.
 Can Modeen and the team reach him in time?


Thursday, 16 April 2020


Modeen's back on mission in book nine. Available for pre-order NOW!

As the conflict in Afghanistan continues, the Taliban struggle to keep hold of their hard won territory. Desperate to show their strength and repel invading forces, they concentrate their efforts on building and arming their elite rebel unit known as “The Red Group.” Becoming increasingly more bold and ruthless the Red Group conduct raids on key foreign military operations and installations. 

During a fire fight, in the southern Hindu Kush Mountains, two American A10 Hogs and a British Apache helicopter are shot down and the pilots captured. The British and American military respond with forceful intent, with the British in particular anxious to re-acquire their pilots … alive. They trust the rescue mission to a squad of top British SAS soldiers, while the Americans send in their deadly Night Stalkers to recover the captives. 

An impressive rescue force … but will it be enough?


Friday, 10 April 2020

Frank H Jordan Books and Box Sets

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Tuesday, 18 February 2020


Book cover completed... 
Manuscript completed...
FlashPoint is NOW AVAILABLE at your favourite online store.

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Rules of Engagement - Book Seven

The 7th book in the high-action Jo Modeen Series

Available now 

Modeen and the other members of her old SASR unit are called upon to provide witness statements to a military enquiry into allegations of war crimes committed during the Afghanistan conflict. After details of the allegations are leaked to the press, JustFacts Media trains its sights on the 'tallest poppy', Victoria Cross recipient Ben Logan.

Did Ben and his Special Forces unit blatantly breach the ADF's Rules of Engagement while on deployment? Could this be simply a media-led witch-hunt orchestrated to discredit the Australian war hero?

Or is something more sinister at work here?




***** Star - Texas 

The man knows his stuff; no Hollywood pretender! 

Modeen: Rules of Engagement #7 – After a long wait, I was excited to find out there is a new addition to the Modeen Series. There is a visit to past ops, which ties several old storylines with the new storylines along with several old characters. There is a lot of intrigue and suspense in the problems faced by Modeen and gang. Immersed in the well-defined characters and their interesting, realistic dialogues and their thoughts and actions, I did not put the book down until I finished the last page. Oh dear, now it is another long wait for the next addition; hopefully, there is a next one.


***** Star  - Trish 

Modeen kick ass.
Always a great read from one of the best authors in my time.


Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Five Minutes of Fame

Wow, great promo! Modeen Factor hits number one on Amazon Best Sellers in Canada and Australia, with UK not far behind... 

Modeen's mantra: Go hard or go home.

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Latest Release - MODEEN REDEMPTION - Book 6 in the series

By Frank H Jordan

Now is a great time to join MODEEN on her next missions. The first box set (books 1-3) is still on sale but only for the next few days, and ...