NatSec Profiles

The Modeen Series

Name:  Josephine Dakota MODEEN, known as “Modeen”, “Jo”, or “JD”
NatSec Alias:  Josephine BENNET
Height:  5’11”
Hair:  Platinum blonde, short cropped
Eyes:  China blue
Character:  Tough, clever, street-smart, courageous, decisive and with lightning reflexes. Can appear cool and aloof to people who don’t know her
Appearance:  Tall, athletic, and dresses boyishly, but can be ultra-feminine when she chooses. Has a strong but pretty face with fine features and a wide, full mouth. Normally wears a serious, self-possessed expression. Has a scar on one cheek from a glancing bullet, and a deep scar on her left shoulder, front and back, from a bullet that went right through the soft tissue
Private transport:  Midnight blue Kawasaki GTR 1400cc
Weapon/s of choice:  Walther PPX .9mm (referred to as “Walt”)
Jobs:  Soldier Regular Army, SASR specialist signaller – recipient of Medal of Gallantry and various service medals, Security Guard, NatSec Agent – Beta Team
Present Status - Civilian 

Name:  Benjamin LOGAN, known as Ben
NatSec Alias:  Ben SMITH
Parents:  Garth and Marie LOGAN
Spouse:  Emily Cherie LOGAN
Children:  Daughter, Chelsea Marie LOGAN
Siblings: Anne-Marie WRIGHT
Height:  6’4”
Hair:  Dark brown, short cropped
Eyes:  Deep brown
Character:  Strong, smart and commanding in stature, voice, expression and action. Has a pleasant but business-like disposition. Is Genuine, loyal, decisive and not easily flustered
Appearance:  Tall, handsome, deeply tanned and impressively muscular. Broad shouldered with bulging biceps and tattooed arms. Has an imposing presence in any situation
Private transport:  Lexus LS600h sedan
Weapon/s of choice:  Glock 17, hand-to-hand combat
Jobs:  Soldier Regular Army, SASR Corporal and recipient of Victoria Cross, Medal of Gallantry and various service medals, NatSec Agent.
Present Status -  NatSec Beta Team Leader based in Melbourne VIC

Name:  Troy WOLVERTON, known as “Wolf”
NatSec Alias:  Troy RYAN
Parents: Robert (deceased) and Sophie Wolverton
Spouse:  Nil
Children:  Nil
Siblings: Jake WOLVERTON
Height:  6’1”
Hair:  Brown, thick and unruly cut in a ‘who cares’ style
Eyes:  Dark brown, almost black, thickly lashed
Character:  Strong, smart, hard-hitting and gruff, likes to keep to himself. Quick to bite and slow to trust but loyal and dependable toward those closest to him
Appearance:  Tall, dark and grizzled-looking, strikes others as being a rough-nut. Brawny, usually unshaven, handsome despite a crooked-set nose, various scars on his torso
Private transport:  V8 Jeep Wrangler Renegade
Weapon/s of choice:  Nemesis Arms Vanquish sniper rifle, throwing knives.
Jobs:  Soldier Regular Army, SASR specialist sniper and recipient of various service medals, NatSec Agent.
Present status - Civilian

Name:  Luke JACKSON, known as “Spooky”
NatSec Alias:  Luke WILLIAMS
Parents: Martin and Mary JACKSON
Spouse:  Nil
Children:  Nil
Siblings: Nil
Height:  5’8”
Hair:  Auburn, step-cut with straight up fringe
Eyes:  Blue
Character:  Softly spoken with a friendly manner and easy laugh, but beneath the easy-going exterior lurks a capable and tenacious soldier
Appearance:  Athletic, spare and wiry. Neat and with a sense of style, but with a hint of steely purpose beneath the smooth veneer. Has knife wound scars on his arms
Private transport:  Late model Yellow Camaro ZL1 6.2L supercharged V8
Weapon/s of choice:  Glock 17, MP5 assault rifle
Jobs:  Soldier Regular Army, SASR point man, tracker and stealth specialist and recipient of various service medals.
Present Status - NatSec Agent Beta Team based in Fremantle WA

Name:  Barry William PRITCHARD, known as “Bugs”
NatSec Alias:  Barry PETERSON
Parents: George and Thelma PRITCHARD
Spouse:  Robyn Anne PRITCHARD (divorced)
Children:  Son, Cameron George PRITCHARD
Siblings: Brother Aaron PRITCHARD, sister Jane PRITCHARD
Height:  6’2”
Hair:  Strawberry blonde, short flat-top
Eyes:  Murky blue
Character:  Clever, street-smart and an easy-going joker on the surface, but uncompromisingly tough underneath. Calls a spade a spade
Appearance:  Tall, athletic, with a big toothy smile
Private transport:  Restoring a Ford XY 351 GT Shaker
Weapon/s of choice:  Mark XIX Desert Eagle .50 Action Express handgun
Jobs:  Soldier Regular Army, SASR specialist medic and recipient of various service medals, 
Pesent Status - NatSec Agent – Beta team based in Canberra ACT.

Who would you cast in the roles?
Here are the author's picks 

Charlize Theron as Josephine Dakota Modeen

Jeremy Renner as Luke "Spooky'' Jackson

Gerard Butler as Troy "Wolf" Wolverton

     Real life war hero and 
   Victoria Cross Recipient
Ben Roberts-Smith as Ben Logan

Jake Busey as Barry "Bugs" Pritchard


  1. Brilliant glimpse into the characters, Frank H

  2. Thanks Alicia, It really helps me keep track of who's who in the NatSec Zoo :-)