Friday, 22 August 2014

THE MODEEN TRANSFORMATION - Book 2 in the Jo Modeen action adventure series

Modeen continues her transformation from Special Forces soldier to covert operative. But is she the only one who is transformed? When the next mission gets personal, her old unit rallies ... 

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* * * * * by Wayne  
Any McNab meets Matthew Reilly - Excellent storytelling, kept me on the edge of my seat with the high paced chase through the Queensland mountains. Reminds me of Andy McNab's writing style and content but with a fresher approach; making the military action genre accessible to a broader range of readers. I know that Matthew Reilly is enjoyed by a lot of female readers, Jordan should easily entice and entertain the same audience. Looking forward to his third book.

* * * * * by Jen
Not my normal type of read, but once I started with the first book in this series I couldn't put them down until I had read all three. The three books all maintained that high level of suspense throughout. My only complaint is that there is not anything else from this author! Greatly looking forward to his next book, whether it be in the Modeen series or something completely new. 

* * * *  by Sue 
The author is excelling at this series, the more books the better the story gets.Enjoy the well rounded characters and careful plots. He has done lots of research to get his characters and plot lines correct. Easy to read with no editing errors that I could detect.

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